Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Post

So last post. What are the "take away's" that I have for this quarter? I think there are several. First, there is a great deal of learning that has to be accomplished in order to facilitate change. The effort is worth it and I think that I have been able to learn quite a lot about myself and others. Second,there are lessons that propel one forward and lessons that hold one back. The one's that push us forward are often enough to negate the one's that hold us back; one just has to be aware of how far they have come. Nothing is ever gained without resistance. Nothing worth anything. Third, don't believe everything someone tells you. There are as many points of view as there those to speak them. As Bracey(2006)warns that often we are swayed by lack of critical analysis of what we read or are told. There is always an agenda and it is best to remember that until we sort out what that is, we must suspend our judgement. Inquiry and critical perspective are two things that will stay with me. I intend to rely on them as much as possible in future. Lastly, thanks to all. I have had a great deal of pleasure learning in your company. I am more than sure that great things will be accomplished by every one of us. I hope to see the these achievements in the future. Works Cited- Bracey,G.W. (2006). Data,their uses and abuses. Reading educational research: How to avoid getting snookered, (pp 1-35). Portsmouth, NH.

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Duane said...


Education deserves to have you. Education needs teachers with compassion and a desire to make a difference in students' lives. After getting to know you, I see that in you and education will be less, if you are not in it.

Please find another way to be in education. What we have learned and what we have seen is that it is the connection that the teacher makes with their students that has the most impact. You deserve the opportunity to make that kind of impact. It is sad that our program was unable to find a way for you to go into teaching.

I sincerely hope that you try and find another opportunity to become a teacher. The students deserve you.